Our spa manicure services has a particularly soothing effect. Hydrating massage and a skin exfoliation is extended to the elbows for manicures. Bloom spa and salon brings you the best nail salon Las Vegas. We also provide customized hand bath using essential oils. Paraffin treatment can also be included which would seal the moisture for a softer hand. Our nail salon Las Vegas provides luxury nail care services, polishing the nails to perfection.

Gel Manicure

Get an upper hand with our mirror-finish, chip-resistant gel polish that doesn’t require any drying time, while lasting for about two weeks. The nails along with cuticles are detailed closely and a treatment with warm cream massage is provided for the hands and arms. Maintaining your perfect 10 is important, and for that a maintenance visit to the nail salon Las Vegas NV, brought to you by Bloom Salon and Spa, after every two week is recommended.

Nail Paint

Bloom Salon and Spa specializes in nail paints that would last long. Bloom Nail Salon Las Vegas offers a wide variety of nail paint designs, and options for specialty hand-painted nails, making it the perfect place to get your nails speaking for themselves.

We do the nails the perfect way. We constantly create new and innovative designs for nail paint and strive to follow the latest fashion trend while offering the latest nail colors. Choose from an array of professional nail services. Visit us to pamper yourself like never before.